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Mainframes are the computer that is typically known for their large size, high processing power and high level of reliability. Many large organizations use mainframe to carry out critical and important applications which require high volumes of data processing.

Organizations are becoming progressively dependent on mainframe technology to support their critical functions. It’s a known fact that, it’s very difficult to retain the required skilled IT talents to keep all the systems hardware up and running.

Hence, many businesses find it difficult to keep mainframe running without risking their businesses interruptions or being subject to high costs. Simultaneously, there may be loss of internal skills to manage mainframe infrastructure.

So, this is where Mainframe managed services comes into picture. This is also one of the best solutions.

Managed mainframe service providers help with staffing needs and by providing resource either on-site or virtually to manage their mainframe environment.

Benefits with Managed mainframe services:

  • Capitalize on IT Expertise On Demand
  • Concentrate More on Strategic Business Initiatives
  • Remain in Sync with Compliance and Security Trends
  • Upgrade Disaster Recovery Planning
  • Round the clock assistance
  • Management flexibility

Why Maintec mainframe managed services?

At Maintec the professionals have deep knowledge in all major mainframe software configurations. Being in this industry for so long, Maintec has handled just about every combination of products. Also, Maintec gives importance for customer satisfaction.

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Considerations of an Ideal Training Room

Excellent Accessibility
A centrally-located training room permits simple accessibility by folks coming back from all the various elements of the town. Particularly once it’s set simply next to the subway or train and well supported by several bus services, your coaching participants would notice it very convenient to commute there although they aren’t driven.

Prominent Destination
A good coaching location should be simple to search out, considering not everybody is aware of a way to browse a map. When sign language up for a course, people do have issues, Whether or not they might get to the coaching location with none trouble, uncertainties, or risk of obtaining lost. Therefore a comparatively unknown destination won’t be well-received and may in reality result in a poor course sign-up. Course commencement time and also the overall program agenda may be affected as a result of participants streaming into the area late, or late comers could miss out essential course contents throughout the introductory phase. Notice a coaching area at distinguished landmark documented by many of us, as well as the older generation; thus incidence after all participants having problems finding the place isn’t possible.

Training venues with an amazing array of low cost and smart ingestion retailers or connoisseur restaurants square measure a lot of sought after. When scooping up within the coaching area for hours, participants can appreciate a pleasant lunch hour break wherever they will relax and revel in some smart food. Whether or not your course goes to produce lunch for participants or it’s free and straightforward for them throughout lunch, being concerning a good selection of places serving hot, tasty food is definitely an enormous and purpose for a coaching location.

Everyone understands, however vital the provision of bogs is throughout any event. The toilet agreeableness at the training room got to be clean, well-maintained and sufficiently massive, soul, though several of your participants intermit to travel to the toilet at identical time, it’ll not type Associate in Nursing annoying itinerary.

Lunch Time looking

Shopping is maybe the foremost wide spread interest when a fast lunch for the workplace crowd. Several course participants tend to hit straight for the retail outlets near throughout the lunch break, therefore a coaching area that’s simply a small indefinite quantity aloof from places giving lots of looking square measure extremely widespread. And if looking isn’t their plan of conveyance additional cheer to the day, participants will contemplate staying in a lounge space in the coaching area to possess a calming chat before bracing themselves for the last half day of coaching.
Maintec provides Meeting Rooms, Training Rooms, Serviced office for rent. Available for Co working space and shared offices in Bangalore.
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How To select the proper Staff Augmentation Team For Your Needs?

As technology explodes and corporations, bank additional on technological solutions to resolve a number of challenges, one drawback looms below the surface: there’s a shortage of IT talent. Gartner predicts that 75% of organizations can expertise visible disruptions in infrastructure and operations thanks to technology talent shortages by 2020. The context of doing business has additionally become additional advanced, with overseas offices, multiple locations, knowledge want that reach across the organization, extremely specialized skill necessities, and short-run comes.

Whether you’re a startup that’s operating to urge a replacement project off the bottom or a worldwide Fortune five hundred searching for employees solutions in an exceedingly foreign market, Staff augmentation will facilitate. Here’s a high-level guide to assist you decide on the correct Staff augmentation supplier for your wants.

What does, one would like facilitate With?
Staff augmentation helps you access the IT talent required for your projects. Your seller manages accomplishment, training, and communication, however they act directly along with your team for tighter alignment and agility. Start you explore for a Staff augmentation partner by outlining your goals: does, one would like support with a selected project, in progress staffing challenges, or solutions in an exceedingly given market?
What kind of skills, experience, and comes does, one would like facilitate with? Employees augmentation will lend a hand with everything from hardware to knowledge backup and recovery, good hands support, consulting, and application support. Correct project scoping can assist you determine a supplier that may work to your distinctive specifications.

Does the supplier Serve Your Regional or world Markets?

Where can you wish help? Whether or not you’re operating in an exceedingly remote a part of the U.S. Or in multiple world markets, it’s vital to verify that a possible supplier has experience and contacts in this market. If your world, seek for employees augmentation suppliers with a worldwide reach. Coordinating employees across completely different regions or staffing partners adds uncalled-for layers of quality. Operating with a partner that has the resources in your key markets simplifies the method. Explore what systems they need in situ to scope comes, determine wants, Hire Staff in numerous countries, and facilitate supply and languages challenges.

How will the supplier Structure Their Account Communications?
Staff augmentation helps solve associate degree IT staffing issue. Managing IT talent shouldn’t produce new challenges. Once selecting an employee’s augmentation partner, it’s vital to think about however they manage communications. For instance, if you’re seeking help in 2 countries, can you influence completely different account managers? In alternative cases, corporations that require a portfolio of services might notice they’re handling different points of contact once delivery of employees with different skill sets. Advanced communications quickly erode the advantages of staff augmentation. Seek for a supplier that gives a central purpose of contact for all of your wants. Not solely can, they are available to know your firm, however you’ll have a simplified communication structure once queries, problems, or new project arises.

Are Their Contracts One-Size-Fits-All?
Companies are typically noticing that employees augmentation suppliers have one approach to doing business. Each deal follows one specific model, and one-size-fits-all solutions. However the fact is that each company, each project, and each job requisition are exclusive. Seek for a solutions supplier that’s willing to urge artistic, develop a bespoken scope of labor, and deliver what you wish. In most cases, a one-size-fits-all resolution won’t provide you with the results, flexibility, or savings that build employees augmentation engaging within the initial place. The correct supplier can work with you, your immediate priorities, then support you as your business grows and your wants evolve.

Can They expeditiously Meet Your Timelines?

Logistically, certify that the staff augmentation corporations you speak with will meet your timelines. How briskly and agile is their execution? Waiting sixty days to fill a priority role, for instance, aren’t valuing effective. Staff augmentation ought to alter you to maneuver comes forward quickly. There are many ways to evaluate. What will their network look like? However, long do they quote a solution? However, do they handle internal discussions around method changes or new business opportunities? Will their speed of communication at this stage mirror the speed you need? Select associate degree agile, efficient, and customer-focused partner that delivers results at the speed your business demands.

The right IT talent will facilitate your business reach its goals quickly, and keep your core systems operating at prime capability. Staff augmentation will assist you to solve difficult IT talent hiring problems. It all begins with finding the correct partner. Respondent these queries will assist you determine a supplier to satisfy your wants these days and tomorrow.

How to Convert Your Temporary Job to Direct Hire

A temporary assignment will typically act as trial for each you and your leader. Throughout Associate in Nursing assignment you learn the maximum amount concerning the corporation because the company learns concerning you an Associate in Nursing worker. If there’s a decent slot in temperament and culture, and you stand out in your temporary role, your possibilities of landing a right away rent job square measure high. Whereas a decent IT staffing agency ought to tell you direct whether or not or not a right away rent is feasible, it slow with the corporation is accustomed prove yourself priceless and increase your possibilities. Scan our recommendations on what you-all liquidates an endeavor to convert your temporary job to a right away rent roll.

Maintain Communication with Staffing Agency
A good staffing agency ought to be honest with you concerning the likelihood of changing to direct rent before you settle for Associate in Nursing assignment, and your commencement ought to be to verify that it’s even doable. We’ve detected from candidates that this doesn’t invariably happen at the start of the assignment. It’s conjointly extraordinarily necessary to stay in the grips along with your staffing agency so as to receive updates on however things square measure progressing. Your recruiter ought to be ready to tell you the way you’re activity and whether or not or not a right away rent chance may be at risk. It’s best to not push your managers for this data and work along with your staffing agency instead. Asking over and over is distracting for managers and may conjointly provide the impression that you just square measure ambitious or desperate. It’s necessary to twiddling my thumbs and to stay targeted on your job performance.

An Act, such as you Work There
When you begin your temporary assignment, it’s necessary to place in your best work if you hope to secure a foothold once your assignment ends. Typically a short lived assignment is a protracted employment interview. It’s necessary to be 100% reliable, take an Associate in Nursing interest in your work, and to approach the assignment with enthusiasm and commitment. Suspending your job search and taking your resume offline shows that you just square measure committed to the corporation which you’re not curious about seeking opportunities elsewhere. Instead, use that energy towards your job performance throughout your temporary assignment to essentially impress your managers. This might increase the chances of receiving a proposal once your assignment involves Associate in Nursing finish.

Go on top of and on the far side
Taking on further tasks will assist you establish your role at intervals the corporate. Not solely square measure you are going on top of and on the far side in your job duties, you’re conjointly showing your worth as a possible permanent worker. Going into employment with the attitude that you just square measure solely briefly helpful can limit the impact you’ll wear the corporate. Instead, think about what you’ll liquidate order to become an Associate in Nursing worker that may be tough to lose. You wish to create certain that you just square measure creating a big enough impact on the corporate so your absence would be felt. Going on top of and on the far side will assist you establish a job for yourself so you become somebody who would be tough to exchange.

Build Relationships
Treat a short lived assignment as a networking chance. Building robust skilled relationships along with your colleagues and managers may assist you to secure your position. By building relationships, you’re positioning yourself at intervals the corporate and showing that you just work well with the culture. It’s necessary to be visible at intervals the corporate, create friends, and show that you just get on well along with your team. The additional friendly and well-known you’re,the additional incomprehensible you’d be at the top of your assignment. It’s invariably valuable to create relationships and confine bit for future opportunities.

Converting a short lived assignment into a right away rent position needs heaps of exertions. It’s essential to go away your company with an enduring impressive and a sense that you just would be tough to exchange. By going on top of and on the far side throughout your temporary assignment, you would possibly have an opportunity of receiving a proposal once your assignment ends. Your staffing agency will assist in your efforts and assist you to realize your goal of changing to a right away rent position.

Maintec Technologies is a full-service staffing firm based in Bangalore, India. We are committed to matching A-level talent with best-in-class businesses. Our knowledgeable and well-trained staff brings a combined 20+ years of staffing experience to our clients and candidates alike Contract staffing

Developing Trends For IT Staffing Companies

As the economy shows signs of recovery, businesses have all over again started their rummage around for the most effective talent. tho’ most of the Indian firms have their own internal hour professionals, they still contact associate IT staffing firm for locating the proper IT candidate for a vacant position or for a brand new position. this is often chiefly owing to 2 reasons. First, recruiters of staffing companies will notice candidates quicker and second, they’re assured of the technical acumen of the candidate.

Changes within the staffing method

Over the years, staffing has dramatically modified. Before the usage of PCs and also the net, newspaper and directories were the sole supply of finding vacancies and phone the sole approach of contacting prospective candidates. currently recruiting includes finding a candidate on-line via job boards and last via social networking sites and email is that the most most popular approach of contacting a prospective candidate.

Traits of a roaring recruiter

A roaring recruiter must have heaps of intangible qualities. associate fully fledged recruiter doesn’t solely rely upon the resume of a candidate to collect data about him. He should be ready to browse the visual communication of a candidate and assess his psychological make-up. in addition, a recruiter should have sensible networking skills and also the ability to determine a relationship with a possible candidate quickly.

A recruiter should have all the traits to suit the dynamic achievement setting. the trendy technology staffing trends want a recruiter to own sensible networking skills, nice skills in building relationships and in fact be a master in assessing the psychological science of candidates.

Here’s a fast investigate a number of the dominant trends of technology staffing companies:

Using the internet:

The rise of the net has revolutionized the staffing business. Staffing companies connect with candidates from completely different countries victimisation cloud computing or different technologies. Recruiters ought to be terribly aware whereas screening candidates from a distinct country or staying to bear with them on-line and additionally with the purchasers.

Using social networking sites

A recruiter should have an honest presence in social networking sites and he should even be ready to network with prospective candidate. There is also some passive candidates, WHO aren’t inquisitive about an edgepromptly, however a recruiter should have them likewise in his network to create his profile bank.

Using different sources

A recruiter ought to even have data in ancient advertising. He should have data regarding print publicity and netpublicity, so he will leverage these mediums likewise in his hunt for the perfect candidate.

Other sources of obtaining candidates

Among the social networking sites, LinkedIn continues to be a dominant networking web site for skilled recruiters. it is the favorite meeting web site for each candidates and corporations. A recruiter must have a full of lifepresence in LinkedIn.

A recruiter can even raise staff to refer their friends and families for an edge. Referrals contour the hiring method. Referred candidates square measure doubtless to understand one thing regarding the business through the friend or family WHO has referred him/her.

The dynamic IT atmosphere has forced the staffing companies and their recruiters to evolve their roles. The trends of staffing business square measure dynamic then square measure the traits of a roaring recruiter.

Maintec Technologies a company that specializes in IT staffing. Its also Provide Contract staffing, Permanent Hiring, Staff Augmentation and Training Development.

IT Staffing Services: A One Stop Solution to Attrition

Attrition is the biggest challenge to the IT industry. The attrition levels in the industry are alarming not only to HR professionals and project managers, but also to management experts and academicians. In fact IT’s attrition levels have prompted professionals to research allied areas like work-culture and job-satisfaction. The financial losses to companies due to attrition are very high.

HR professionals and project managers are doing their best to innovate and retain employees. The fact also remains that the aspiration levels of present generation of employees have increased. Hence, they are not used to work in one organisation through their career or even for a decade, unlike the earlier generation and are constantly in search for better job opportunities and career growth.

The attrition levels of IT professionals negatively impacts project deadlines and customer satisfaction levels. Increasing the salaries of IT professionals and introducing better welfare measures have not been always successful. Even after the salary is matched to industry standards, competitors are ready to poach them for an extra price. There seems to be no end to this vicious circle.

IT staffing services has proven to be a boon to companies battling with attrition. Temporary IT staffing helps to meet sudden demands for IT resources requirement. Since, these employees are provided to them by manpower consultants, there are no costs incurred on hiring, training and retaining them. Apart from the phenomenal financial benefits, companies have also been able to speedily execute projects and address the changing requirements easily. Moreover, the temporary staffs are trained in different IT operating environments (by virtue of their experience of working in several organisations) and hence companies can avail their service to meet project needs of different nature.

There is a drawback to this engagement model. There is no accountability. Manpower consultants charge companies for projects and for the resources supplied by them, but do not accept any responsibility for their performance. Due to the lack of commitment, these employees may leave quickly than the employees of clients. There are also dangers of loss of business control. Managing the employees is altogether another issue. If these employees quit at short notice, it can even result in loss of business-continuity and project delays. Additional resources may not be immediately available. In the absence of proper back-up plans it can even result in project failures and loss of reputation.

Another engagement model that is worth exploring is the co-sourcing mode of engagement. In this engagement model, the IT supplier provides resources and manages them. There is a single point of accountability. There is no loss of business control and these employees are directly accountable to the IT supplier. Since these employees work with the in-house team, they can help to build and bench mark the best practices, in the course of the project. The IT supplier also deputes excess resources during the peaks of demand and rolls them back, when not required. Does co-sourcing sound to be the perfect model to combat attrition? Make your choice, now.

Maintec IT staffing services offers a flexible credits based system to avail IT personnel for Temporary IT staffing , contract staffing, permanent and Remote IT staffing needs.

Staff Augmentation— What is it? Why do you need it?

What is Staff Augmentation? Your internal thesaurus may be thinking “consulting” or “outsourcing” are good synonyms, but Staff Augmentation has a few key differences that you want to be familiar with before you embark on your next big project.

If your company needs help managing or executing a project, you need to begin with dedicated, competent staff to get the job done right. The problem is, you may not be able to afford to move your existing resources from their current projects. So maybe you’ve considered hiring. If your project is short, or hyper-focused, that may be a mistake. Why go through all the new-hire paperwork plus a lengthy onboarding process that requires training, especially if this work won’t last forever?

Does any of this sound familiar? Then you might want to consider your alternatives. Staff Augmentation is for organizations who need to bolster their existing resources to support projects that require expertise outside of their wheelhouse or consist of mostly temporary, highly-skilled work.

Cost savings is first on this list because it should be first on yours. Staff Augmentation with Maintec can save you opportunity costs you may have wasted by allocating your existing resources to the project, or to training new employees to do the job. It can also save real dollars you would have spent on boarding salaried employees with benefits. Staff Augmentation requires no benefits, no overtime, and no training time. You could even have your augmented staff only come to the job site when they’re needed, so there’s no need to shuffle your existing resources around or pay employees when they’re not needed.

Speaking of opportunity costs, how much time would you say your organization would spend looking for the perfect candidate or candidates for your project staff? Tack on the amount of time it would take to onboard and train them, and suddenly the hiring process has eaten up a lot of your time and energy that could have been used more efficiently. If efficiency is part of your company culture (and it should be), then Staff Augmentation should be on your radar.

Staff Augmentation is not outsourcing. With outsourcing, you hand over the project responsibilities and tasks to another organization, which can bring risk and unforeseen challenges. By augmenting your staff with Maintec, you can bring highly-skilled and well-trained individuals to work directly under your current leadership. This puts your organization in the driver’s seat (and you can think of your augmented staff as the friends in the backseat who hand you snacks and remind you when you have to turn). With an augmented staff from Maintec, you have full control of the project and direct oversight of your new, highly-skilled resources.